Sherif Sultan


Professor Sherif Sultan boasts over25 years of vascular experience. Upon obtaining his medical degree from the Ain Shams University in 1987, he was first specialized in general and vascular surgery. Following completion of a master degree in surgery in 1991, he then worked solely in vascular surgery. After he finished his MD degree, he moved to Ireland and was awarded his FRCS in Dublin 1995. He had a pectoral fellowship from Arizona Heart Institute in 1997, followed by a Diploma in Endovascular Surgery from University of Paris XII in 1998. He joined the vascular team at St James's hospital and Trinity College Dublin and contributed to the development of the Endovascular surgery programme. He achieved his Intercollegiate FRCS in vascular surgery in March 2001 in London and has been certified with European Board of Vascular Surgery in September 2001 in Lucerne SwitzerlandMr. Sultan settled down in Galway in 2001 to focus exclusively on vascular and endovascular surgery delivery and development of the vascular services.

Professor Sultan is one of the pioneers of minimally invasive endovascular techniques. He established strong international reputation with over 70 international peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, more than 250 abstracts, in excess of 200 international presentations, and over 270 national presentations. His prolific research portfolio has been recognised by 62 international awards. Recently the National Institute of Health in the USA cited his seminal publication on the cost-effectiveness of endovascular aortic repair as one of the most ground-breaking publications in this field in the last decade.

Professor Sultan is also a talented inventor and has 17 patents in his name. In 2007 he was InterTrade Ireland's Equity Network winner of the Best International Emerging Company in the All-Island Seedcorn Business Competition. This year he received a Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Ireland Clinical Innovation award for his stem cell delivery catheter design.

In 2002 Professor Sultan founded the Western Vascular Institute, a charitable research foundation committed to vascular research, technical innovation, professional and public education. He was elected as the chairman. In 2007, he established the endovascular master's programme in collaboration with National University of Ireland Galway. He has long championed the need for translational research and has been the first to launch many of new medical devices in Europe and worldwide.

Professor Sultan runs a dedicated tailored Life guard programme that focus on prevention of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. He specialises in stroke prevention with one day surgery for carotid artery intervention; abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture prevention and endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm, Wound care management for refractory chronic venous ulcers with hyperbaric medicine and lower limb revascularisation for which he has pioneered techniques that salvage limbs with critical ischaemia. In addition, he performs keyhole surgery for varicose veins as a six hour outpatient's admission.

He is dedicated to increasing public awareness of vascular disease as the number one global killer. When seconds matter, you can rest easy knowing that at his practice, he is ready to care for you. With state-of-the-art technology, vascular laboratory, veins unit, diagnostic and interventional capabilities, comprehensive programs, and on-going educational opportunities, he delivers the highest level of care to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.

Professor Sultan is a distinguished Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and President of the American Society of Angiology, Irish chapter. He is a fellow of society of vascular surgery, international society of vascular surgeons, member of association of vascular surgeon of Great Britain and Ireland and European Society of vascular and Endovascular Surgery. →